Good design is as little design as possible

One of my favourite actors is Dominic West. These days because he’s such a famous name he’s instantly recognisable, but taking three of his notable roles in his earlier career – Jimmy McNulty in The Wire, Fred Casely in Chicago, and Hector Madden in The Hour, I completely failed to notice at the time that all three roles were being played by the same actor, such is his skill as an actor that the viewer focuses on the character rather than the person playing the character. 

Good design is the same; if the user of the missed bin reporting service is made aware of glitches in the reporting process – blockages to complete the form, difficulty finding the form, a page and a half of text telling them it was probably their fault the bin wasn’t collected before they even get the link to the form – there's too much design getting in the way. If it takes days between the user pressing Submit and the bin actually being collected there’s too much design getting in the way. Why does the user even need to report that their bin hasn’t been collected anyway? How come the council doesn’t actually know it failed to collect somebody’s bin and send them a notification, perhaps via their citizen account, saying sorry straight away and managing their expectation as to when it will be collected?