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Bin day

Type Date
Main Wed 18 Oct
Recycling Wed 18 Oct
Garden Wed 25 Oct

Council tax

You still have £724.87 in total to pay on your council tax 2033-34 bill.

You are up to date on your monthly payments.

School term dates

The next school holiday starts on Friday 27 October 2033 for half term

Autumn term 2033
Term started Mon 4 Sep
Half term Mon 30 Oct to Fri 3 Nov
Term ends Fri 22 Dec

All school term dates.

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Pothole report

Reported: 3 May 2033, Last updated: 10 May 2033

Status: In progress

Notes: Identified, repair scheduled

Flytipping report

Reported: 7 May 2033, Last updated: 9 May 2033

Status: In progress

Notes: CCTV reviewed, interview with perpetrators scheduled

Bulky waste collection

Reported: 21 April 2033, Last updated: 29 April 2033

Status: Completed

Notes: All items collected

More living

More information and services for everybody living here in BigTown

More living

More play

More information about culture and relaxation in BigTown

More playing

More business

More information for businesses in BigTown

More business

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