Renting a garage from us

We have a number of garages available across BigTown you can rent from us, if you're a resident of the town


Apply for a BigTown garage

We're happy for you to rent one of our garages for storing many things in, such as

  • your car
  • motorbikes
  • small trailers
  • bicycles
  • garden, gym, and DIY equipment

There are some restrictions, however - you're not allowed to store potentially dangerous things such as

  • gas bottles
  • petrol, diesel, or oil outside of your vehicle
  • hazardous chemicals

We also won't let you run a business from one of our garages.

The rent for one of our garages is:

  • £45 per month if you're a council tenant, or
  • £55 per month for everybody else

When you submit your application, you'll go on a waiting list until the next one within your search area becomes available. We will check your requirements and confirm an estimated time that might be.