Renting a garage from us

We have a number of garages available across BigTown you can rent from us, if you're a resident of the town

Giving the garage up

Tell us you want to give the garage up

The tenancy is a monthly tenancy and we or you can end it at any time by giving us at least one week’s notice before the end of the month. Any notice runs from the Monday after we receive it. The tenancy will end on the 1st of the following month, and you can return the keys during the week before. You must pay the rent (and any other charges) until we receive the keys.

We are not responsible for keys that are lost in the post. You should use recorded delivery if you post the keys back to us.

The garage must be empty and clean when you return the keys. We may charge you for any work we have to do before we can let the garage out again.