Renting a garage from us

We have a number of garages available across BigTown you can rent from us, if you're a resident of the town

About our garages

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Our garage dimensions are roughly:

  • width: 2.5 metres
  • length: 5 metres
  • height: 1.8 metres

The doorway width is about 2.2 metres.


The garages are single skin brick, with one air brick and an up and over door.

There's no power, lighting, or water supply to the garages - so they really are suitable only for storage.


We can't accept responsibility for the damage, theft, or loss of any property or items in the garage, regardless of the cause - you are strongly advised to organise your own insurance for anything you are going to keep in it.

You don't need our permission to put an additional lock, such as a padlock or hasp lock, on the garage door, but you will need to remove these if you choose to give up the garage.