Simon Gray - CV

I'm a digital strategist-practitioner, straddling the twin realms of development and content and with a working understanding of website infrastructure, living in Birmingham, UK. With a background in music performance and composition before I entered the web industry, I'm a creative individual - I do not just implement other people's ideas, I have ideas of my own with the technical skills to bring those ideas to reality. I make things for the internet.

About Simon

Joining the web industry in its early years I have the all-round generalist skills of being able to conceive, design, and implement ideas through to pre-production or production, rather than a focussed specialist skill in only one part of the production process. My design and development skills are currently focused around the Jadu Central and Connect (formerly CMS/XFP and CXM) content management and case management platforms, designing and building forms and case types in the control centre, and programming customised .php / .js / .css to extend the platform to support delivering a closer match to the client service area’s business requirements than staying only within the low code domain would provide. As you can see from this site, I am also dipping my toes in the world of LocalGovDrupal.

As a local government officer since 2003 I am passionate about public service, and the potential of digital technologies to empower citizens to have more control and influence over their own lives and environments — through digital applications to allow citizens to transact with public sector organisations, report issues and request services, and through the use of digital information services to empower users to be more informed about the context in which their services are delivered in order to make better choices. 

As a web developer since 1998 I am well versed in the concept of agile development methodologies, establishing high level user needs to create requirements leading to the development of a minimum viable product, from which user needs and requirements can be refined over the course of the development cycle to ensure a final product which more reliably meets with the client’s expectation and in turn the expectations of their own users. 

As a creative individual I am also constantly involved in a number of personal projects, including music projects, personal website projects, video projects, 3D design and print projects, Virtual Reality projects, and sublimation printing projects.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.