Simon Gray - CV

I'm a digital strategist-practitioner, straddling the twin realms of development and content and with a working understanding of website infrastructure, living in Birmingham, UK. With a background in music performance and composition before I entered the web industry, I'm a creative individual - I do not just implement other people's ideas, I have ideas of my own with the technical skills to bring those ideas to reality. I make things for the internet.

Tutor in Composition, Folk Music, and Music Technology (part time) - Birmingham Conservatoire

September 1993 - September 1997

Birmingham, United Kingdom

This role involved teaching Composition, Music Technology, World Music, and Folk Music performance to groups of students, ranging from seminar groups of about 10 up to the whole cohort of 200. It also involved giving one-to-one tuition to students in pure music composition, sound recording, and production techniques, and Information Technology.

I was also leader of several bands and ensembles during that time, including the Conservatoire Folk Orchestra and the Indo-Jazz Fusions group, writing music and producing arrangements, co-ordinating rehearsals and organising, producing, and co-ordinating concerts as well as being the co-organiser of a number of full-blown week-long music festivals, and the animateur for the Music in the Community programme.