Simon Gray - CV

I'm a digital strategist-practitioner, straddling the twin realms of development and content and with a working understanding of website infrastructure, living in Birmingham, UK. With a background in music performance and composition before I entered the web industry, I'm a creative individual - I do not just implement other people's ideas, I have ideas of my own with the technical skills to bring those ideas to reality. I make things for the internet.

Web / Multimedia Developer - Ocean Multimedia

September 1998 - September 2000

Birmingham, United Kingdom

For this role as well as performing site development I also co-ordinated acquisition of assets from clients and deployment of other staff within Ocean to perform related work such as graphic design and video production. I also had the responsibility of creating, preparing, and delivering a training course for Prontaprint franchise owners on the ‘Prontaprint Web Design Service’, which included advice on how to sell the service, how Prontaprint staff could produce work for their clients’ websites, a background history of how the internet, and specifically the world wide web, came to exist (and how people have accessed it), and ‘futurology’, giving predictions of how it might develop in future.