Report a missed bins collection

We're really sorry we were unable to collect your bins recently. Whilst there may have been a reason for it, we're not going to try to make an excuse to you - we just want to try to make it right; give us the details and we'll sort it out as soon as we can. If you want to complain, we'll get back to you with the reason it was missed.

You can find out more about your bins and some common reasons the collection may have been missed on our page about your bin collections. You can also check on a map the missed collections we already know about.

This is a short form which should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete.

Collection missed
Collection address

Looking up in our records we already know the collection for this address was missed this week - again, please accept our apologies.

You don't need to continue to report it, but you may if you want to.

Does the whole street seem to have been missed?
Do you want us to just fix it, or do you want this to be seen as a formal complaint?