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Council online petitions

Most council digital strategies say don't replicate content or functionality provided elsewhere. I think we should however be running our own e-petitions services

5 June 2024
10 Principles for Good LocalGovDigital Design
In which I try to channel the spirit of Dieter Rams for the LocalGovDigital multiverse
simon Fri, 19/04/2024 - 5:26pm
Service designers

Applying for a copy of a Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate

Applying for a copy of certificates from your council's register office is considerably more painful than it should be. And for online applications, it probably makes more sense to signpost people to the central government General Register Office site.

20 January 2017
Service designers

Reporting missed bin collections

You get home at the end of a busy day away from home. You see the flamin' council never collected your bins today

22 November 2023