LocalGov Digital Strategy and Manifesto

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Should the council have a citizen app?

Tl;dr - I refer the reader to Betteridge's law of headlines.

But if you have a few moments spare in your busy day, the answer in most cases is the same, however there's a more nuanced argument to the question than just a single word.

28 June 2023
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Generic personas for Local Government

Whilst personas should never be seen as the be all and end all of content design, it can be helpful to picture fictionalised representations of real people who might be the audience for your content rather than creating in a complete vacuum

9 June 2023
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Council digital teams - have we stopped innovating?

In the heady days of the early 2010s it felt like nothing could stop local government digital teams in our quest to bring new online services to citizens, and bring existing services to the fore in new and better ways. By 2017 the shine seemed to have faded from the movement

5 October 2017
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Applying for a copy of a Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate

Applying for a copy of certificates from your council's register office is considerably more painful than it should be. And for online applications, it probably makes more sense to signpost people to the central government General Register Office site.

20 January 2017